Godors Spray –
Stock Up Starter (2×12 oz & 1x2oz bottles)


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Ideal for hockey and lacrosse gear that never has enough time to dry out so it smells.

A special blend of all natural antifungal solution and alcohol is what makes this product work.

Stock – Up – 2 x 12oz. and 1 x 2oz    You pay $13 per 12 oz. and $4 per 2 oz!

The 12 oz spray bottle is ideal because it dispenses a lot of solution making treatment.

The 2 oz travel spray bottle is handy and light weight perfect for gear bag.

We do not recommend carrying the 12 oz. bottle in your gear bag.

In some cases, excessive abuse has damaged or loosen the trigger.

Instead keep 12 oz. bottle where ever you store your gear (i.e.: closet or garage).

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Weight 38 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 5 in


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Stock Up Starter (2×12 oz & 1x2oz bottles)”